Grow Your Dispatch Business By 4X
In Just 30-Days GUARANTEED
with Speed, Convenience, Certainty

Grow Your Dispatch Business By 4X In Just 30-Days GUARANTEED

Access thousands of motor carrier leads

You'll get accurate UpToDate data combined with the proper marketing strategy that has worked so well for our clients that we can confidently GUARANTEE your results if you follow our proven blueprint.
  • Score the hat trick of thousands of more leads, more clients, and increased bottom-line 
  • Copy and paste what's currently working for other dispatch businesses
  • Grow your business faster than you thought without all the headaches of figuring out everything on your own.


I get it. But it doesn’t have to be!!

I was in your shoes not too long ago.

Just a few years back, my dispatch service was slowly sinking. We even thought about shutting down at one point.

We had not brought on enough carriers to dispatch for, it was incredibly difficult to find new carriers, and we were spending marketing dollars incorrectly. As a result, we were not generating enough money, and the business was not growing. Talk about a challenging time..

But then I discovered ONE THING that changed the entire game for us. That ONE THING that I KNOW can also help you supercharge your business growth and revenue by 4X, or even 10X faster than ever before.

Here's how it happened:


My name's Stephen.

My soon-to-be brother-in-law Josh had just gotten his CDL and couldn't afford to buy his own truck, so he came to me for a loan. I was hesitant to give him that much money because I knew nothing about the transportation industry. All I knew was that my first real estate client owned a trucking company and made a good living. That was it.

For years, I was a licensed realtor and real estate investor; however, I was also always open to exploring other avenues for increasing my earnings.

My fiancé and I are both entrepreneurs at heart. She is a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist who enjoys her job and earns a good living, but she worked way too much. She went into the office most mornings around 8 o'clock and did not return home until 9 at night. We never got to have dinner together and our schedules were out of sync. I knew she wanted to work fewer hours and I wanted to make that happen! But money was tight for us.
We had a wedding coming up, and two daughters going to college soon. That was a lot of money that I had to make appear out of thin air!

My stress levels were definitely off the charts!

So, after a conversation with my fiancé, thoughtful consideration, a signed business agreement with Josh, and a bit of desperation, I dipped into my savings and ventured into the transportation and logistics world.

This may have been one of the best business decisions I've ever made. Sometimes you can just stumble into something great if you travel down the right path!!



Long story short: I threw a Hail Mary, and the universe caught it!

Except, it wasn't easy!

After growing our fleet and dispatching our own trucks, we wanted to expand and provide services to other fleet owners and owner-operators. I tried everything to bring on new carriers. From cold calling to running Facebook ads, posting on job boards, posting flyers in Facebook groups and even paying people to hand out flyers at truck stops.


Nothing was working... So, I thought!!!

Then it hit me... Why not try some old real estate strategies that made us good money in the past and reached thousands of prospects with little effort? It also boiled down to having access to the right information - DATA, analyzing it, effectively communicating our message, and doing it all at MASS SCALE.


Text Carriers Now was born. In 22 days, we onboarded 16 carriers. It was amazing and perplexing all at the same time. However, we now own a fleet of trucks, provide dispatch services for over 40 owner-operators and fleet owners, provide the most comprehensive motor carrier leads on the market, and have the ONLY SMS messaging platform specifically for marketing to carriers.

Today, we're helping hundreds of dispatch companies grow their business.

Therefore we can confidently say that we are well-versed in the trucking and logistics industry.

Our customers now include independent dispatchers, commercial insurance agents, equipment finance companies, and many others.

We Can Help YOU Do The Same!

With Text Carriers Now, you can finally say goodbye to the old ways of generating motor carrier leads. Instead, you can grow your business 4X to 10X within 30 days or less, using the proven system that's working like magic.

Check out this podcast where Alex Hormozi, the man with the $100 million dollar fortune, who runs multiple businesses reveals what volume and mass marketing looks like in the real world.

Why This Is The Only Solution Of Its Kind… And How It Can Transform Your Entire Business, Like It Has Mine

  • We Supply You With Thousands Of Customized Leads
  • For the first time ever, you can skip the guesswork, trial-and-error, and never-ending cycle of trying to generate qualified motor carrier leads on your own. Because once you get started with us, you’ll keep getting thousands of leads coming your way.
  • A Massive List Of Quality Leads, Updated Daily With New Carriers
  • You'll always have a fresh supply of motor carrier leads whenever you need them. 
  • Our system monitors any new applicants that apply for MC numbers. We get that information within 24 to 48 hours, so your new carrier leads are fresh. You'll be the very first one to reach out to them.
  • Send Mass Text To Your New Leads With A Push Of A Button.
  • The beauty of our solution is that you don't need to be hassled with manually reaching out to your leads one by one. Instead, you can reach out to hundreds or even tens of thousands of them at once.
  • Our SMS platform,, lets you send SMS messages to a large number of motor carriers at once. Our clients use their customized leads to send between 5,000 and 10,000 messages per week, and they are enjoying AMAZING results—all with minimal effort and precise data. By sending out 5,000 a week, or 20,000 a month, you'll be able to convert anywhere from 2-5% of those leads, giving you 4-10 new carriers each month. Imagine how quickly your business could scale with that kind of resource!
  • Have An Unfair Advantage Against Your Competition, And Dominate Your Target Area
  • You'll transform your business from being just a tiny fish in the pond to becoming the biggest dang shark in the sea. Here's how…
Our leads are exclusively available to an extremely limited number of commercial insurance agents, equipment finance companies, and dispatch service providers per state. As a result, we're only taking on a few more clients who can take advantage of our powerful leads and system.
This allows you to outperform the competition and rapidly expand your business. And, of course, you'll never have to worry about competing with other dispatch businesses over the same leads. But you need to ACT NOW to reserve your state or states. If one or more of your states are unavailable, we will place you on a waiting list and notify you when they become available.

But you must hurry to use this opportunity, as phone carriers are cracking down on mass texting in multiple industries. Guess what? The trucking and logistics industry isn't even on their radar…yet! So, get the leads while you can and leverage mass texting to grow your business faster than you thought possible.

What INFORMATION Will You Receive From Us?


Yes, my friend, we'll give you access to all the data you need to reach out to your new leads and convert them. More specifically…
  • DOT Number 
  • ​MC Number
  • Business name
  • ​Owner's name
  • ​Business address
  • ​Business phone numbers
  • ​Cell phone numbers
  • ​Email address
  • ​Fleet size
  • ​Insurance coverage
  • ​Type of equipment
  • ​And more!

Will This Really Work?

Yes, I'm so confident our solution can help you 4X your business in just 30 days from the day you start.
I personally guarantee it. But don't take my word for it. Listen to what are customers are saying…
"Working with Stephen and his team has transformed not only my business but also my whole life. The growth has been amazing. Just a couple of weeks after receiving the leads, I have already signed contracts with three more owner-operators and two small fleet owners."

Michael A.

"Went above and beyond! Utterly amazing service. All the leads are customized to my unique needs and specs. The SMS blast software is also working great and is simple to use. The best business investment I've ever made. I highly recommend it!"

Devon K

"Having tested this for a week, I highly recommend Text Carriers Now to everyone looking for a good source for MC leads. It was easily worth 100X of what I paid. So, stop reading this and get started already."

Emma E.

"Text Carriers Now is a real game-changer for my business. A fresh supply of new MC leads. Easy access to all data. A simple tool to reach out to all the perfect leads at once. EVERYTHING they provided was spot on for my business.

Dylan T.


I want to let you know that if you get started today, you’ll also get these two valuable bonuses absolutely FREE.
But only if you start today!! THIS GIFT IS FOR ACTION TAKERS!!

Huge Value Bonus #1
Carrier Agreement

11-page contract agreement that includes all the important points to make sure you can prevent any future issues and mitigate risk. In case you’re wondering, yes—We do use the exact same document whenever I start working with a new carrier. And this has saved me from potential conflicts so many times. 
  • Client Agreement
  • ​Agreement For Dispatch Service
  • ​Company Profile
  • Dispatch Client Profile
  • Credit Card Payment Authorization
  • Automatic Payment Authorization for Factoring 

Huge Value Bonus #2

More than 300 PLUS pages of direct shippers. Secure dedicated lanes for your NEW clients. Make running your dispatch business easier and more profitable. Have more options for your carriers and keep them moving. STAND OUT FROM THE REST...

These FREE bonuses are instantly downloadable PDF files. And once you get started with us Today, you can download it right away, save it to your computer, and print it whenever you need it.
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